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Hard Rock Café — Monaco

Hard Rock Café logo

Architectural design concepts for two Hard Rock Cafés to be located around Casino Square, Monaco. The brief presented many challenges, for instance how do we incorporate the essence of Hard Rock into the grand styling of the existing surroundings.

Conceptual visual materials from hand-drawn artist’s impressions to more detailed CGI renderings were prepared, as well as the creation of a ‘hybrid’ Hard Rock Monaco brand.

This ongoing project has led to many further commissions to tastefully rejuvenate various already-sumptuous buildings within the same vicinity.

CGI ‘flythrough’ video of the Hard Rock Monaco concept

View the CGI ‘flythrough’ of the Hard Rock Monaco concept.

The Hard Rock Café will blend beautifully into its grand surroundings.

Our initial concept drawings showed possible styles for both exterior and interior.

The merchandising is an important aspect of any Hard Rock café, and we are working on a range of high quality items specific to this location.

The design of the exterior has gone through many variations, from dynamic glass canopies to a more traditional French Art Deco styling.

The Hard Rock Café Monaco will blend perfectly in with not only the existing architecture but the surrounding gardens and walkways.

In 1979, the first Hard Rock café in London began covering its walls with rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia, a tradition which continues across the chain.

Our own take on the display of the rock ‘n’ roll theme features a giant roof-mounted neon guitar.

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