Selected Portfolio

Vindolanda — The Wooden Underworld

Vindolanda Trust logo

We were approached by Vindolanda to assist in preparing a pitch to secure funding for a proposed extension to house a new museum and activity centre to be called the Wooden Underworld, a showcase for various wooden artefacts excavated on-site.

The project was green-lighted, necessitating a series of presentations and progress reports, not to mention bringing the project to fruition by producing a wide range of graphic materials and display elements.

The realisation of Vindolanda’s Wooden Underworld. This view shows the scale of the main museum section, with displays of artefacts, murals, friezes, information graphics panels and specially commissioned wooden sculptures.

Our initial proposal to the Vindolanda Trust for development of a strategy and concept design for the Museum Extensions.

An interim design stage document was produced to establish actual graphics, fittings and finishes.

View through the linking sponsor-a-leaf corridor to the Main Museum.

The activity centre is a space for education, demonstrations and storytelling. A series of topical ceiling projections provides a dynamic centrepiece.

Frieze — Transport.

Frieze — Agriculture.

Frieze — Household.

Frieze — Timber.

Frieze — Industry.

‘Life of a Tree’ and Dendrochronology information panels.

Information panel ‘totems’.

Display case backdrop illustrations,

Activity Center Panel.

Activity Center Panel.

Activity Center Panel.

Activity Center Panel.